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Startup Norway

Creating a strong startup ecosystem is a long term mission. It is about the "circle of startup life" where the older generation entrepreneurs support the new in an eternal loop of paying it forward. Startup Norway is in it for the long run, and are excited that every day we see a new sign that the ecosystem is getting stronger and stronger, with more and more new companies being on the track to success. And it's all with one goal: Setting the stage for tomorrows startup success stories from our region.
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Hub for Innovation in Tourism

Hub for Innovation in Tourism works to strengthen the competitiveness of Danish tourism, innovation, and entrepreneurs’ business development. Danish city, business, coastal, and nature tourism is a billion-dollar industry; and presents great potential for business ideas contributing to innovation, digitalization, and sustainable development. Tourism is an industry where one meets joyful people and has the opportunity to scale a business to the whole world. The hub offers start-ups and students a way into the tourism market, and a chance to accelerate and scale ideas and businesses.
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The main objective of the Tourism Cluster Initiative is to promote competitiveness and value creation within the Icelandic tourism industry, and to develop a co-operating forum for different stakeholders where the main focus is on linking them together and opening up for interaction between them.
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Paris&Co is the innovation and economic development agency of the Paris metropolitan area. The agency supports innovation by incubating more than 500 French and foreign startups each year, conducting experimentation for innovative solutions, and organizing national and international tech events. Its development is based on an open innovation approach, in close collaboration with more than 120 major corporations and institutions.
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Andalucia Lab

Andalucía Lab is a center promoted by the Ministry of Tourism, Regeneration, Justice and Local Administration, which offers practical and innovative solutions to SMEs, professionals and entrepreneurs in the Andalusian tourism industry, working to build a more competitive tourist destination , through encouragement of the digital and technological competences of the thousands of small companies that make up the sector.
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