Nordic Travel Tech Network

Nordic Travel Tech Network is a nordic program consisting of the following partners

Our mission

The purpose of Nordic Traveltech Lab is to encourage and facilitate cooperation among industry partners throughout the region and to boost innovation, competence building, investment, technological development, environmental impact and start-up activities within travel tech in the Nordic countries.
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Latest news


Travel Tech & Mobility Day at Startup Extreme

Meet the startup & scaleups defining the future in the Nordics. Connect with leading corporates and investors active in the ecosystem. Understand the upcoming trends that will disrupt your industry

How do investors see the future of travel tech? Martin Jørgensen and Jan Hassel from Nordic Traveltech Lab share insights on the industry

There is life after the pandemic, and people will travel again. I will advise startups to try getting investors who will consider 2018/2019 levels and expect a very good return of business within 2022, says Martin Jørgensen from The Nordic Traveltech Lab.

The Nordic Travel Tech Incubator’s Travel Tech Day is ready for ‘takeoff’: Sign up to meet 11 startups that will shape your future travels

– Each of the Nordic countries have contributors in the incubator, and these startups are all at a high level. We look forward to presenting them at our Demo Day, says the CEO of Norwegian Tourism Partners, Per-Arne Tuftin.